Friday, March 6, 2009

Wenger's praise for Man Utd questions his pedigree

Wenger’s praise for Man Utd questions his pedigree
In football people believe everything happens for a reason whether it’s a slump in performance or a good run.
Few weeks ago when the manager of high fling Liverpool Rafael Benitez launched a scathing attack on Sir Alex Ferguson.
Football commentators augured that his comments will come back to haunt him and indeed they have. While Liverpool has tumbled in a few weeks from first to third place, Manchester Utd has gone to the top of the in style. From fourth place they have played 15 consecutive games without conceding a single goal, setting a new Premiership record in the process.
Last week when Arsene Wenger said Manchester United was untouchable, this was also to have an implication but this time on his pedigree.
The fact is that Wenger has doctrines he believes in such as; buying cheap and young players, playing sexy football, having a wage limit, and giving 30 year olds one year contract extensions to mention a few.
Wenger believing that United is untouchable and actually mentioning it is an indirect acknowledgment that his policies are flawed and that they are costing Arsenal. It also bespeaks how much he (Wenger) admires the man he has criticised for years.
While Ferguson policies have evolved with time Wenger has on the other hand remained static with his.
His (Wenger) refusal to give senior players like Robert Pires, Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva longer contracts led to their departure Villa real, Juventus, and Olympiacos respectively.
It was also his reluctancy to give the hard working Mathieu Flamini a pay raise that led to his departure to AC Milan for free. Even though Flamini is warming the bench at San Siro, Wenger has never got an equal replacement.
Instead he has been playing naïve players like Alexander Song, Abou Diaby, and Neves Denilson in that influential position.
During the January transfer widow it was apparent that Arsenal needed a holding midfielder and a defender. To the surprise of many Wenger instead signed the want away CSKA attacking midfielder Andre Arshavin.
Adding him to a rich attacking midfield having; Fancesc Fabrigas, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Samir Nasir, Neves Denilson, Theo Walcott, Emanuel Eboue and Carlos Vela.
Wengers’ transfer policy unlike that of Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t aim to solve squad deficiencies. When Utd needed a holding midfielder, they signed Owen Hargreaves, when Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs seem to have hit their prime; Da Silva and Luis Nani are being prepared to take their places while when Arsenal badly needs a deep lying midfielder, they land Arshavin.
And while Ferguson gives his experienced players like Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes longer contracts in their thirties Wenger has denied his in addition to frustrating them on the bench.
While Arsenal has sold Alexander Hleb and Thierry Henry without minding their (Arsenal) stature in world football, Ferguson has clearly stated that Manchester is not a selling club.
The fact remains that since Roman Abromavich bought Chelsea, the English Premier League has never been the same again. To win titles clubs have to buy big players at substantial prices. And people like Sir Alex Ferguson have accepted this reality and have evolved with the times.
If Wenger does not change his style of management Arsenal may lose their spot to Aston Villa and Everton and play in UEFA Cup
“United is untouchable” is comment that ought to be said by the likes of; Stoke City, Middlesbrough Sunderland, and West Bromwich Albion because of their small ambitions.
Such clubs neither attacks nor defend when playing against big teams like Manchester United because they think they are untouchable. I don’t think Arsenal is in that class.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I’ll be the best Presidential candidate – Mao

Norbert Mao the Vice President of the Democratic Party (DP) and LC V Chairman of Gulu district.
Has said he will be the best candidate in the 2011 Presidential race since he will represent the interest of the whole country, even though he is from Gulu (Northern Uganda).
Mao was speaking to hundreds of supporters at a DP rally on Friday evening at Makerere University.
He was accompanied by MPs; Erias Lukwago (DP) of Kampala Central and Odonga Otto (FDC) of Aruu County.
“The day we will need to want change badly, change will come”, Mao said “The day we say enough is enough is enough, change will come”.
He bragged of the strength DP’s youth movement, the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) has attained over the years.
Erias Lukwago, Norbert Mao, and Fred Mukasa Mbidde are among the young DP politicians who developed through the UYD.
UYD has also won Guild elections in various higher institutions of learning of; Makerere University, Kyambogo and MUBS over the years.
“No party as got a muscular youth movement than ours, not even the National Resistance Movement (NRM). “There is no NRM without President Museveni,” he said.
Like Barack Obama in the American Presidential elections, Mao will be attempting the focus his campaign on the vibrant and active youth population to improve the party.
“In a few weeks we are going to re-brand the Democratic Party, change it and those who insulted it will eat their words”, he said.
“Just as Tony Blair did with the Labour Party when every one thought they were finished”.
UYD’s Vice President Mukasa Mbidde who also endorsed Mao’s candidature emphasised that this was the time for young and pre-independence born leaders.
“My view is that we get a President as somebody born after independence, because every body born before independence has a pre-colonial virus” he said.
“Last time we had big rats and they failed. We have now decided to choose a small rat, and that is Mao”.
Mao said Clinging to power is one of the major challenges to peaceful transition of power in Africa.
But the former Gulu Municipality MP assured his supporters that he always announces his departure time.
“I would rule Gulu Municipality until my son Nicolas was old enough to succeed me. But there’s a time keeper who is even above the Movement Caucus, and that is God,” he said.
“When the master has decided, you can do nothing about it” Mao added.
FDC’s Otto graced the rally. Stating that he was glad to have graced his, colleagues’ (Mao) occasion even if he was from a different Party.
“Its shows that that we are working together, not against each other” he added.

We need to re-design the ABC strategy on AIDS – Otto

Aruu County Member of Parliament (MP) Odonga Otto has asked for the ABC (Abstain, Be faithful, and use Condoms) strategy on AIDS to be re-designed and packaged before being brought to the public.
This comes after reports that the ABC strategy has been change to ABC squared by adding circumcision as a new component to the strategy.
Speaking during a public dialogue on morals at Makerere University on Friday, Otto said that they amend the rules because they are not working.
“You can not Abstain, Be faithful, and again use Condoms because every thing is different. And I challenge the architects of that slogan in parliament that they are misleading the youth”, he said.
“We need to re-design and re-package the whole thing before bringing it to the public. Because now there are youths who are running around that if you are circumcised you can not get AIDS”.
The ABC strategy has been seen by many people as the force behind Uganda’s success story in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Uganda is respected all over the world for reducing the infection rate to just 11%, from 30% in the mid 1990’s.
But Otto disagrees with the Ministry of Health’s figures saying that the figures are doctored for donor reasons.
“I think for every 10 Ugandan, at least 3 are HIV positive”.
Mrs Mbuga Winfred the Deputy Dean of Makerere University and the patron of the Youth Alive Club in Makerere University said.
A University should be a place where you register to get a degree, but not an area where you abort or get AIDS.
Mrs Mbuga adds that a research conducted by Makerere Medical School students reveals that AIDS prevalence is lowest among first years. But says the numbers are shocking as the move second and third year.
Otto adds that the low HIV/AIDS prevalence in Europe and North America can not be attributed to legalisation of prostitution.
He said that legalisation of prostitution, which he does not support where the workers are screened and people officially pay, can not stop AIDS prevalence.
“if that is the case then AIDS would not be doing very well in Ethiopia and Thailand where prostitution has been legalised”.
Sub - Sahara Africa is the hardest hit region by the HIV/AIDS prevalence. About 600 people in South Africa die daily of AIDS related illnesses

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

President Museveni launches the All Africa University Games.

The 5th edition of the All Africa Inter University Games was on Tuesday flagged off by President Y.K Museveni at an opening ceremony at Mandela National Stadium. The President was the chief guest at the colourful ceremony that kicked off at 4pm. "It’s now my pleasure to declare these games open," he said as he launched the games after his speech, to loud cheer from the spectators.
This followed a vibrant parade of all the participants from various countries accompanied by their flags and tunes from the Uganda Police band.
The president stressed the importance of games and sports in preventing youth from running into troubles, citing alcoholism that would lead them to catch HIV/AIDS. "Sports are good because they keep you occupied, preventing you from running into trouble," he said. "As you enjoy sports, you avoid peer pressure and advertisements that may tempt you to catch AIDS".
He however emphasised fair play among participants and acceptance of defeat. "You should not look at sports as war, when you lose you should congratulate the victor." He said, because sports promote culture and fair competition.
The President also took time to promote Uganda’s several tourism sites and good climatic conditions which will favour the games. "Where you are standing now is above 1300m above sea level on top of being across the equator", explaining why they would neither find in too cold nor too hot. "The longest river in the world also starts from this country and I hope you get time to visit it", he said.
The Minister of Education and Sports, Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire lauded the University Primary Education progamme for supporting education, acknowledging the presence of UPE products among Ugandan participants. "Thank you your excellence for the moral and financial support," she said, "the Games to promote good social interactions among students of various universities in Africa".
For the Minister of Education and Sports, it was a spotlight away from the on raging school fires. Where the way her ministry has handled the situation has been criticised and some sections of the public have called her to step-down. The Games should promote good social interactions among students of various universities in Africa.
Livingstone Luboobi the Vice Chancellor of the host Makerere University also welcomed all the participants to Makerere University, and feel at home.
Up to six Primary and secondary schools attended; Kisoga P/S from Mukono, Victoria from Jinja, and Nsaus P/S, Katikamu, Njejje High ,Lukomera from Luwero. As light was quick fading, hundreds of pupils from these schools put a well choreographed show, in floodlights, forming colourful formations of the Ugandan flag and a flower to loud jubilation.
Several dance groups provided entertainment, including Ndere Troupe.
The ceremony was also attended by Minister of State for Sports Charles Bakkabulindi, the President Africa University Sports Federation, Members of Parliament and many other dignitaries.
The head of the local organising committee promised that the Games would be, ‘dynamic, interesting and successful’. Thanking the minister of sports Charles Bakkabulindi.
The 1st edition of the All Africa University Games was held in 1974 in Accra Ghana, Nairobi hosted the 2nd edition in 1978. Due to financial problems, the 3rd edition was held in 2002 in Nigeria. South Africa held the last edition from where Uganda won the bid to host the 5th edition.
South Africa which has the largest traveling contingent and will seek to defend the championship they won at home.
Competition will rage in 17 sports disciplines, most of then will be held at Makerere University, other venues will be at Lugogo and Mandela National Stadium
The Ugandan team is Comprised of Various Universities; Makerere, Ndejje, Mukono Christian university, KIU, Kyambogo, Kampala, and Mbarara University among others.
The Games have attracted up to 18 countries, but 14 were available for the opening ceremony. Congo, DR Congo, and Egypt will arrive as the games kick off. The Games will end on the 16th of July.

MUK Lecturers go on strike

An apparent lecturers strike is slated to mar the opening of the first semester of the academic 2008-09 at Makerere University. With newly admitted first years expected to report on the 16th of August for their orientation week to acclimatise with the new environment before being joined by the rest of the students on the official opening day a week later, on 23rd August.
The row started when the university wanted to introduce a plan to appoint the lecturers on five year contracts basis. Which the lectures through their body, Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) rejected and instead demanded for their benefits first paid before discontinuing their current contracts.
Several meetings have been held but the University management and MUASA seem not to come to an agreement as the opening g of the university draws closer. The lectuers accuse the university of failing to improve on their salaries and teaching materials in addition to diverting money meant for pension.
MUASA deputy chairperson Dr. Paddy Musana said they would not allow a plan that would see over 1500 lectuers’ pact with the University that allows them work until 60 years be cancelled and have them re-apply for five year contracts.
Prof. John Jean Baria a lecturer at the University while on a radio talk show on stated that problems have always been there, stressing that the University being calm does not mean there is no problem. He went on to say that a strike a right one can exercise when ever aggrieved. "You should realise that to withdraw labour is a right which you can use when you are aggrieved" he said.
Prof. Baria also said the problem with the University was that it was both a private and a public University. "This is legally a public university but majority of the students are private, hence most of the money comes from the private students". The public university is funded by government while private students pay for the public institution. He claimed the university was running on a deficit of Shs 50 billion pointing to lack of support from the government. The government has refused to endorse the increase of fees for private students of late, nor does it want government sponsorerd students be burdened to boost the institution financially.
But the university went a head to increase ‘functional’ fees paid by government sponsored students apart from what government contributes. This saw the introduction of development fees Shs.123, 500 and technology fees Shs. 50,000 raising the fee to nearly Shs 200,000 contrary to the shs32,000 previously government sponsored students paid for Identity card, an undergraduate gown, rules book and hospital registration. The government was not pleased with this action.

On the same day Prof. Venacious Baryamureeba the Dean of Computing and IT and also a member of the council said that reports that he was the one leaking information to the media were defamatory and warned of legal implications. "As a Dean and member of the council , I would not benefit from leaking information to the media", he said, " everyone can access such information, even secretaries in Vice Chancellors office where such information is photocopied. Saying that Prof. David Justin Bakibinga who voiced the allegation has been witch hunting him right from the University wall fence saga.
The at MUK crisis started two years ago when government and University management agreed to increase salaries of the staff. The problem has since increased for from just increase of lecturers’ salaries to others. At the beginning of the previous semester, lectuers sat down for two weeks because of what they called lack off teaching materials, like chemicals especially in Science courses..
The opening of the new semester in a week’s time also looks to be surrounded by a lecturers’ strike and the reaction of the students is yet to be seen since in most cases students usually jump in to join the strike which tends to gets violent.

In Mourinho, Chelsea lost a Coach, Manager and a PRO

I would not consider them as a big team but surely, but surely who would have called Chelsea a serious club before the special one, José Mourinho came along. Though Roman Abromavich’s money elevated them to a level worth recognising, never had it at any one point instilled class, organization and winning mentality in them. Therefore success in terms of titles was not easy to come by.
To set pace in his Blue Revolution, Abromavich hired Mourinho, in 2004. A coach who had raised the ranks rapidly in a very short time in Portugal, especially with FC Porto. Where he used hardly known players like Anderson Deco, Paulo Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho, Carlos Alberto, and Beni McCarthy to win the UEFA Cup in 2003 and the UEFA Champions League the following year.
In this era with these big clubs, no one can just take the UEFA like Real Madrid did I the 1960’s. It’s no surprise that upon his arrival, he regarded himself as the special one, a man who was only next after God, and had come to salvage the Blues. The Blue Revolution was now underway, both on the pitch and in the media.
And indeed Mourinho delivered in his first season, where he bagged a double for Chelsea (Premier League and the Carling Cup). He used his coaching abilities to transform John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Joe Cole into players worth mentioning as one of the best.
Although criticised of his managerial potentials, the fact remain that a poor manager can not achieve what Mourinho has done in a short time. He put together winning teams where ever he went, Benfica, Porto and even at Chelsea where he started well until Abromavich started interfering in his work. An action great managers will never tolerate.
The arrogant Mourinho made Chelsea a popular club, never mind their style of play, won them many (especially Female) fans. In his actions on the pitch, appearance, statements he made, what one would regard as publicity stunts and titles he won.
The reaction of his senior players and funs carrying a banner bearing, Mourinho simply the best Abromavich’s face shows how they liked him. Though life goes on, Chelsea will never be the same again without Jose Mourinho.
That’s why I would like you to watch out for Inter Milan, because Mour is about to take them to another level.

Monday, October 20, 2008

MUK’s MDD Department asks for better facilities.

The Dean of the department of Music, Dance and Drama, Prof. Dr. A. Rukooko Byaruhanga on Friday asked the University to provide the department with better facilities, in terms of accommodation.

“Music, Dance and Drama is one of the most important departments in the Faculty of Arts. Each of us listens and enjoys music dance and drama every day. And yet we still have a lot of space here which needs to be filled by accommodation”, he said in the presence of the vice chancellor. As he addressed students at the Music and Drama show organised by the department.

The Faculties of ; Economics and Management, Information Technology (IT) and Pharmacy have been expanded and equipped with better facilities to cope with the increasing number of students.

While the department MDD is still housed in two small buildings on an expanse of land. Found between the Faculty of Gender and Women Affairs and the Senate building.

Prof. Luboobi who did not comment about the Dean’s demands said he would help if the department thought of forming an orchestra and a band. “You need to form an orchestra and a band, I will support you”, he said.

“The Universities of; Cape Town and Maseno have are successful in music and have good bands which travel and perform all over the world, because they are able to raise funds, which our Alumni like; Bobi wine and Ndere troupe can help rise”.

Bobi wine who was the guest performer is the current PAM Awards artist of the year graduated with honours in MDD. Revealed that he would like to come back and study more to become a better citizen if he gets a scholarship. “If you with big people you should talk be straight forward”, he said in the presence of Prof. Luboobi.

The Chancellor who also appreciated the performances was happy that the department is involved in research. “Am happy that MDD has started collaborating in research with other institution, like the University of Bergen”, he said calling on the department to organise more of such shows